Cherry Moon Baby (xlivingdeaddoll) wrote in unscene_doll,
Cherry Moon Baby

I'm Bitchin'

Name - Mariely
Age -18
Location - NJ
Who promoted Unscene_doll to you - monstersmate

Where have you promoted Unscene_doll (atleast two communities or lj users) -

Name atleast five of your favorite musicians or bands -
Tiger Army, Distillers, Devotchkas, Social Distortion, Billy Idol...and more...
Quote a lyric that relates to you - "Everywhere she goes people turn their heads, she's a knockout..." =P                                                                                                       
Favorite genre of music - psychobilly, rockabilly, punk...some hardcore
Do you dress to fit in with your genre or just go with the flow - both

-Beauty and Brains-
Who do you consider to be your Idol -
Billy Idol...haha..jk...Drew Barrymore is actually my idol. I was addicted to her autobiography.
Name atleast two of your favorite books / poems - A Clockwork Orange and Everybody's Burning
Choose a word that best describes you - supercalafragilistic ; )
What are your thoughts on your local scene - local scene?...hmm...well I live in a place filled with hip hop girls and hip hop boys...If that is the local scene, then, I respect their likes, but I just can't stand their music and fashion.

Why do you think you should be accepted - because I'm a knockout! haha...well, because I love meeting new people and I'm friendly. I'll post often : )

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