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Name - ely
Age -16
Location - CA
Who promoted Unscene_doll to you -

Where have you promoted Unscene_doll (atleast two communities or lj users) - http://www.livejournal.com/community/tiger_army/  http://www.livejournal.com/community/vintage hair/
-Music-psychobilly,rockabilly,hxc,and some punk
Name atleast five of your favorite musicians or bands -
Tiger Army, AFI<3,mad sin,the black rose phantoms,nekromantix,the cure

Quote a lyric that relates to you -"she was a fast machine,she kept her motor clean,she was the best damn woman i had ever seen, telling me no lies,kept knocking me out with those american thighs"- ACDC

Favorite genre of music - psychobilly, rockabilly, punk...some hardcore
Do you dress to fit in with your genre or just go with the flow - i stick with it or jeans and a black t-shirt

-Beauty and Brains-
Who do you consider to be your Idol -
my mother i learn from her (right and wrong) shes gives me everything she never had.shes experienced,smart and shes a great example of a strong woman who suffered a lot.
Choose a word that best describes you - unique
What are your thoughts on your local scene - most ppl call it the ghetto/bario but ive seen worse.its filled with mexicans such as my self and cholos.ive lived her all my life and all i hear is rap rap.but there are punks here and there too i feel if thats wat satisfies em then go for it but its not for me

Why do you think you should be accepted - because im a friendly person and i wanna meet new ppl out of wat i see everyday. : )

Pic-cha time

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